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Our points of difference

Seaton Park has a philosophy of not standing stallions on the farm. This gives clients the freedom to select the stallion of their choice without bias. Seaton Park operates its own safe transport from each property to all major studs in the North Island in order to provide a complete package and all pre and post-service veterinary care is provided on location.

Brood mares and foaling

Traditionally we foal over 160 mares each season. Our highly experienced team operates a 24-hour foal watch during the entire foaling season and mares are kept under observation lights at night. As standard, all foals are given shots at birth, including Tetanus, antibiotics and Selenium. Navel swabs are also performed. At 12-hours post-birth, bloods are taken to check that IGG levels are sufficient and any resulting action is promptly taken. Foals born with health concerns are taken straight to the vet clinic for assessment and treatment.

Our second farm (The Heights) caters for all dry and maiden mares and those needing to be under lights until they are in foal.

Farm facilities, pasture, feed regimes

Our excellent facilities for preparing yearlings to the highest standards include 28 colt yards and a horse walker. Tailored feed regimes can be specifically designed and our pasture management programme includes the cross-grazing of paddocks with cattle and sheep. Seaton Park's farms have safe fencing and natural rolling pastures with mature trees for shelter.

Sales preparation

In offering a complete service specialising in every step from conception to sale, the team at Seaton Park prepares in excess of 40 yearlings for the national sales series in New Zealand (at Karaka) and Australia.  Over many years we have gained an excellent understanding of the market and will do our utmost to get the very best sales results for our Seaton Park clients.

Weanlings and yearlings

Weanlings through to yearlings are fed a balanced diet based on their growth requirements. As standard, Seaton Park handles each foal in a one-week intensive education course. During this time foals are taught to lead, pick up their feet and wear a cover and they are taken for a ride in the horse truck. Foals are paddock-weaned, left with a (nanny) mare and given 6-weekly refreshers as part of their ongoing education.

Walking out services

Seaton Park, on average walks out approximately 120 mares a year to all studs in the upper north island. We are extremely proud of the relationship we have with the stallion owners and equally proud of our fertility rates which have been consistently around  82% for the past 15 years. This is why stallion owners repeatedly send clients our way.

The real value to the mare owner, is that because Seaton Park does not stand a stallion which gives you plenty of time to make a decision on your stallion selection.

​Spelling and rehabilitation

Spelling racehorses are catered for based on advice from their trainer. Seaton Park will discuss your bloodstock’s requirements, recommend and provide individualised diets.  Racehorses recuperating from injury are professionally managed in conjunction with veterinary and trainers’ advice with regards to exercise and feed regimes.

Terms and Conditions

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