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John Bromley, Bromley Bloodstock

​When I was looking to engage the services of my first Agistment Farm I asked around and Scott Eagleton's name came up a few times. So I arranged to meet with Scott to inspect the property - but more importantly - to get a feel of him as a person and to quantify his experience and expertise. He has a reputation of being a very honest and upfront person, who does not hesitate to quickly communicate, and explain the reason for, any 'bad news' as well as the 'good news'.

He had a very good apprenticeship - amongst others, he worked for, and learnt from, two 'Captains' of the industry - Sir Patrick Hogan, and David Benjamin.  He strikes me as being a superb horseman and his facilities and property are absolutely first class.

When all my foals have arrived this season, I will have around 70 horses entrusted to Scott's care - the fact that I have all my non-racing horses with Scott, is testament to the very high regard I have for him as a person, I believe his honesty, and integrity are beyond reproach ... but as importantly, because I believe he is amongst the best in the agistment business.

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